[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Proposal re Closed Generics

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Feb 20 14:24:57 UTC 2020

I'm in the EPDP meeting, so this will be brief.

I have a REALLY hard time coming up with any viable closed generic 
that *I* would view to be truly in the public interest. I used Jeff's 
example of .disaster in my proposal (but JUST as an example that has 
some traction), but in reality, I think that it is problematic, if 
only due to the language point of view ("disaster" is an English word 
and not meaningful to many).

I have a very hard time coming up with other examples, but the 
overall concept of being in the public interest (world-wide!) points 
to such a TLD being used for public good reasons and that is not 
normally something associated with for-profit companies. Such 
companies may do something that happens to be in the public good, but 
it is not their prime motivation.

So the not-for-profit is in my mind a reasonable restriction that 
will cull out the requiests that are not likely to have succeeded and 
make the overall proposal implementable (sending 100s of applications 
to the Board is not viable).

I could have said it must be run by an NGO or IGO whichI think is 
also highly likely, but I was going for a minimal restriction and did 
not want to outlaw corporate foundations.


At 20/02/2020 04:30 AM, Jeff Neuman wrote:
>Thanks Alan for this clarification and I apologize that there is a 
>conflict in times.  That said, can you provide some rationale for 
>why only non-profits can propose applications that serve a public 
>interest?  I can probably guess the answer, but it would be better 
>if you explained in your own words.
>Thanks again for the proposal.
>Best regards,
>Jeff Neuman
>Senior Vice President
>Com Laude | Valideus
>D: +1.703.635.7514
>E: jeff.neuman at comlaude.com
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>While talking to a colleague today, I realized a problem with my 
>proposal. I was thinking that there would (or could ) only be a 
>small number of applications that could be deemed to be for closed 
>TLDs that are generic words and in the public interest. That may 
>indeed be true. However, there may well be MANY such applications 
>twhere the applicant beleives their use will be in the public 
>interest, and a large load of such cases going to the Board will not work.
>The change is to restrict applicants to not-for-profit entities only.
>This is in keeping with the nature of the one example that has been raised.
>Note that due to the unfortunate timing of the SubPro meeting being 
>scheduled in conflict with the EPDP, I will likely not be on the SubPro call.
>To make my position clear, other than this special case I am 
>proposing, I would NOT support the delegation of closed generics.
>At 18/02/2020 07:43 PM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> >The SubPro meeting today began discussing Closed Generics.
> >
> >One of my interventions was that although I was strongly opposed to
> >closed generics in the general case, I did support the concept that a
> >closed generic could be in the public interest, with the example of
> >.disaster operating by the International Red Cross as the example.
> >
> >I proposed that we allow closed generic applications, but the decision
> >on whether a particular application would move forward or not would
> >rest with the ICANN Board.
> >
> >The Board would have to agree, by an overwhelming majority (say at
> >least 90% of sitting, non-conflicted, Board members) that the TLD would
> >be in the public interest.
> >
> >The decision would be final and not appealable through the ICANN
> >Reconsideration or IRP processes. This latter condition would require
> >an amendment to the ICANN Bylaws to exempt such decision from the
> >accountability measures, but this is identical to an amendment being
> >recommended by the CCWG-Auction Proceeds, so there is a current
> >precedent.
> >
> >If, despite the fact that the decision would have to be near unanimous,
> >there is still distrust of the ICANN Board in this matter, the approval
> >of such TLDs could be subject to the Empowered Community Approval or
> >Rejection Actions (also requiring a Bylaw change). However, in my mind,
> >such caution would be overkill.
> >
> >This proposal would allow a closed generic when it is clearly (in the
> >view of the Board) in the Public Interest.
> >
> >Alan
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