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Kathy Kleiman kathy at kathykleiman.com
Thu Feb 27 19:57:06 UTC 2020

Hi Jeff,

When are the new Redlined sections (as revised by Staff) reviewed by the 
full WG?  How/when can it be shared that a redline edit may not  be 
reflective of a change the WG thought it was making?

Best, Kathy

On 2/27/2020 10:37 AM, Jeff Neuman wrote:
> /Dear Working Group members,/
> //
> /The Co-Chairs would like to add an item to the agenda for the call 
> later today. As discussed on our 13 February Working Group call, the 
> WG leadership team has been considering the best way to manage the 
> WG’s process for reviewing and revising draft recommendations to 
> include in the draft Final Report. The WG has now discussed a number 
> of draft report sections on calls, and would like to propose the 
> following next steps:/
> //
>   * /We are currently using the following Working Document to support
>     initial review and discussion of draft recommendations:
>     https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kUlmZH8nxWTgfcRluA5FxLheMm4XhhOwkRt7om52aQU/edit#
>     <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kUlmZH8nxWTgfcRluA5FxLheMm4XhhOwkRt7om52aQU/edit>.
>     This will continue to be the document where you will find newly
>     drafted recommendations that have not yet been discussed on a
>     call. You are encouraged before each call to review the sections
>     on the upcoming agenda and insert comments into the document
>     and/or raise questions/concerns on the mailing list. Staff will
>     continue to note preliminary suggested edits in the Working
>     Document during the call as items are discussed. /
>   * /Once a section has been discussed on a call (or multiple calls),
>     the leadership team will work on revisions in redline in the
>     Working Document. /
>   * /When a set of revised sections are ready for review by the WG,
>     the leadership team will add a “clean” version of those sections
>     to a new document, what we are tentatively calling the
>     “Production” document, which will be read-only. These sections
>     will be released in logical clusters, for example all sections
>     related to Pre-Launch Activities. The leadership team will send an
>     email to the group with date by which any comments on those
>     sections should be provided. A redline of the revisions will be
>     available in the Working Document for reference, but once the
>     revision is sent out, members should not add new comments or
>     suggestions in the Working Document. Instead, they should follow
>     the process below./
>   * /The Working Group will use the method used successfully by the
>     EPDP Team in the finalization of their Initial Report.
>     Specifically, WG members will be asked to limit comments to items
>     in the revised section that they absolutely “cannot live with.” If
>     there is text that they cannot accept, they will fill out a form
>     like the one attached and send it to the WG by email. The form
>     asks for the specified text that the WG member cannot accept, a
>     suggested revision, and the rationale for the revision./
>   * /Any issues identified will be addressed and resolved on the
>     mailing list, or if necessary, scheduled for discussion on a
>     subsequent call./
> //
> /We realize that this process is new and WG members may have questions 
> about it, which is why we are starting this discussion about the 
> process on the upcoming call. Given the large amount of material we 
> have to cover in the coming months and the importance of staying on 
> schedule with the revised work plan, the leadership team is confident 
> that the proposed path forward will keep the group moving forward. We 
> look forward to continuing the discussion as we finalize the next steps. /
> *Jeff Neuman & Cheryl Langdon-Orr*
> */Subsequent Procedures PDP Co-Chairs/*//
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