[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Working Group Call with ICANN Board Liaisons on Monday, November 23rd

Jeff Neuman jeff at jjnsolutions.com
Wed Nov 18 21:47:00 UTC 2020


Yes, we still have a call on Thursday, November 19th at 15:00 UTC and the agenda has been sent out for that.  However, we do want to also provide advance notice of the call that will take place on Monday, November 23rd at 20:00 UTC.  During that call on Monday, we will have our two SubPro ICANN Board Liaisons, Becky and Avri, on the call to answer our questions on the following topics (though it may not be in this order):

  *   Public Interest Commitments / Registry Voluntary Commitments
  *   Application Change Requests (specifically those added to resolve disputes, objections, etc. by adding PICs/RVCs)
  *   Closed Generics
  *   Auctions / Private Resolution of Contention Sets / Bona Fide Good Faith Intent / Transparency (Donna, Paul and Jim are preparing questions from their small group to ask Avri and Becky)
  *   Community Priority Evaluation
  *   Other topics?

For each of these, we will be addressing the ICANN Board comments, and for those, you can look up the links to those topics up on the Work Plan<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ftMpOLkeLaJAHrUZ6dy1vTR6Ja_VGTKQ5KnPfMttbkE/edit#gid=0>.  We will also send out the relevant sections to the group after our Working Group call this Thursday.

There are a lot of topics on here so we will ask that everyone (a) focus on the Board comments for those topics, (b) ask good clarification questions and listen to the answers, and (c) refrain as much as possible from giving your thoughts or opinions on the matters (since we have had lots of time to do that already).  The purpose of the call is to get their thoughts on the comments and on where we take our deliberations from here, not on debating with the Board or advocating our positions 😊

Also please keep in mind that they are Liaisons from the Board and cannot always speak on behalf of the Board.  Leadership has briefed both Avri and Becky and have asked them to get clearance on certain comments from the Board, but of course there will be a number of things that they may tell us that they don’t know the Board view or there may not be a Board view yet.  That said, this is a great opportunity for all of us and we believe is one of the aspects of SubPro which makes it a unique policy group in its interaction with the Board.


Jeff and Cheryl
Co-Chairs, SubPro PDP

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