[Gnso-newgtld-wg] Note on Work Commencing on our Next Call: Tuesday, October 27th at 03:00 UTC

Jeff Neuman jeff at jjnsolutions.com
Mon Oct 26 19:33:04 UTC 2020


We wanted to provide you with some more information on the working methods going forward starting on the call in about 7 or 8 hours.  You will have seen the agenda has a link to the Working Group Wiki<https://community.icann.org/display/NGSPP/h.+Published+Draft+reports> page. That page breaks down the comments we received into sections:

  1.  Overarching Issues (Topics 1-8)
  2.  Foundational Issues (Topics 9-11)
  3.  Pre-Launch Activities (Topics 12-14)
  4.  Application Submission (Topics 15-18)
  5.  Application Processing (Topics 19-20)
  6.  Application Evaluation / Criteria (Topics 21-29)
  7.  Dispute Proceedings (Topics 30-33)
  8.  String Contention Resolution (Topics 34-35)
  9.  Contracting (Topics 36-38)
  10. Pre-Delegation comment (Topic 39)
  11. Post Delegation (Topics 40-41)

We will not be necessarily going in order.  Therefore it is important that you review the WorkPlan at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ftMpOLkeLaJAHrUZ6dy1vTR6Ja_VGTKQ5KnPfMttbkE/edit#gid=0.  Bookmark it!

For each call, you will have been expected to read all of the comments prior to the call.  We WILL NOT be reading each comment like we did with the previous comment reviews.   You will see a column has been inserted into the spreadsheets called "Leadership Recommendations".  In that column, the leadership team will have made notes on either recommended actions or on recommended questions we address from the comments.

NOT ALL OF THE COMMENTS WILL HAVE A NOTATION IN THE LEADERSHIP RECOMMENDATION COLUMN.  This may be because (a) there is no new information being provided by the comment, (b) we have already gone over similar comments in previous comment periods and do not need to revisit, or (c) the comment is not related to the topic we are discussing.  In some cases, those comments falling into (c) will be recommended to move to their appropriate areas.

The Leadership recommendations are only guidance for the group.  They are in no way binding.  They are meant to help steer the discussion in an efficient manner.  They are the areas that we the leadership team believed presented areas that may need some more conversation.  However, if you believe there are additional comments we must pay attention to, please indicate that in the "NOTES" column to the left of the Leadership Column indicating (a) why you believe we need to address the comment and (b) your name.  Please be prepared to discuss those items during the applicable call. {For the call later, we will not require this]

Finally, if there are outstanding items from the call, be prepared to continue the discussion online (through e-mail) and potentially through small groups to finish the details.

We have a lot of material to re-go over and not much time to do it.

Also remember, that we have been through all of these topics before.  So, unless the information is new to us, or we have directly solicited the information, we may not need to address the comment.  This was after all a Draft Final Report.

At the end of the day, we know our report will not be perfect.  There may be some areas we may need to punt to the IRT set up on SubPro.

We are in the home stretch everyone!


Jeff (on behalf of Jeff, Cheryl, and the rest of the Leadership Team).

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