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Emily Barabas emily.barabas at icann.org
Tue Mar 30 12:44:59 UTC 2021

Dear Working Group Members,
On 26 March 2014, the GNSO Council approved a process and questionnaire for Working Groups to conduct Self-Assessments when their work has been substantially finished. The goal is to provide Chartering Organizations, such as the GNSO Council, important information about how well its Working Groups are functioning through an examination of their Inputs, Processes, and Outputs, ultimately leading to continuing improvements.
The SubPro Working Group has been identified to participate in this process the details of which are provided below:

  *   The survey tool is hosted by ClickTools at this link: https://engage.clicktools.com/v2/2fp6dk4mud6k5. Please do not share this link with anyone other than Working Group members.
  *   Background information and instructions are contained within the instrument. There is no login requirement, so you will not need user credentials.
  *   This questionnaire is organized into 31 questions divided into six short sections. Simply answer the questions (most use a 1-7 rating scale) on each page and, when you reach the end, click “Submit.” If you receive a “Thank You” response, your feedback was successfully populated.
  *   There is no option in this survey instrument to save and continue later. If you would like to browse the questions in advance, they are published on the ICANN Community Wiki at: https://community.icann.org/x/nTXxAg.
  *   The survey should take approximately 15 minutes depending upon the number of comments you choose to provide.
  *   The survey will be open for three weeks and will close on Tuesday 20 April at  23:59 UTC.

A member of the GNSO policy support staff will monitor the completion process and be available to provide technical assistance if needed. If you are having difficulty with the survey and need assistance, you can email gnso-secs at icann.org<mailto:gnso-secs at icann.org>.
Confidentiality: We will be asking you for identifying information to ensure that each response is valid. Your individual responses will not be accessible by anyone other than the the ICANN GNSO Policy Support Staff. The aim is not to disclose or publish responses in a way that could be matched to your identity.
Once the survey period has closed, staff will produce a report summarizing the findings. This report will be shared with the Working Group and the GNSO Council. It may also be shared with the Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies, as well as potentially other interested parties.
Thanks for your willingness to provide feedback about the Working Group and your participation in it.
Kind regards,

Emily Barabas
Policy Manager, GNSO Policy Development Support
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Phone: +31 (0)6 84507976

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