[GNSO-RPM-WG] Proposed Agenda for RPM Meeting on 7 Aug 17:00-18:30 UTC

Ariel Liang ariel.liang at icann.org
Fri Aug 2 20:39:22 UTC 2019

Dear RPM WG Members,

In preparation for next week’s call on Wednesday, 7 August at 17:00-18:30 UTC, kindly see the proposed agenda below:

  1.  Review Agenda and Updates to Statements of Interest
  2.  Brief Discussion: Process for Determining Individual URS Proposals to Include in the Initial Report
  3.  Background on the TMCH and Previous WG Discussions
  4.  AOB

Relevant materials will be circulated early next week, pending Co-Chairs’ review and input.

Have a nice weekend!

Best Regards,
Mary, Julie, Ariel
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