[GNSO-TPR] Adding IANA ID/Registrar Name to Transfer Complete email

Sarah Wyld swyld at tucows.com
Thu Dec 9 13:51:54 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Re Adding the IANA ID or Registrar Name (or registry ID that maps to registrar name) to the Notification of Transfer Completion email, I’m still thinking about this and have a couple thoughts to share.

1 - Adding it in means development work for everyone (registry needs to include it in the epp message, registrar needs to receive it and pass it on to the registered name holder) and as such we need to make sure there’s a good reason. 

2 - If there is benefit to the change then we should recommend it, but I’m not sure there is sufficient value to balance out the cost of work.

Reasons to include:
- Domain owner would be informed as to where their domain ended up 
- ... Are there more? I couldn’t think of any others

Is informing the domain owner of the registrar name very important, and can it be accomplished in any other way? 

Presumably the domain owner initiated the transfer via the gaining registrar (or their reseller) and by this point they have already received the TAC or been informed that the TAC has been provided, so the fact of the transfer itself can’t be a surprise, and the identity of the gaining registrar should be known, as the transfer was initiated in their system.

There’s some thoughts to be had around the user experience, what’s best for the domain owner. Should user experience concerns be addressed by the losing registrar which no longer provides service for the domain? Or should we expect that the gaining registrar will want to welcome their customer and provide relevant info, although we also decided there’s no policy obligations in that area?

So, setting aside the question of ‘is this a lot of work?’ I think we can all agree that we need to have a good reason for any policy obligations we’re creating, and I don’t yet know what that reason is. 


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