[GNSO-TPR] Transfer PDP - Your participation is needed

Roger D Carney rcarney at godaddy.com
Mon Oct 4 19:04:19 UTC 2021

Dear Working Group members,

As we wrap up our initial discussions on the Gaining FOA and prepare to draft candidate recommendations on this topic, I want to remind all members how important it is to participate in the deliberations taking place right now. Since the Temp Spec was put in place in May 2018, the requirements of the Gaining FOA have been deferred but are technically still part of the current Transfer Policy. We are discussing and leaning towards elimination (specifically the sharing of PII data, the exact content of the Gaining FOA, and changing from an active response required to a passive notification) of the Gaining FOA, which is a significant change from the existing policy.  If you have not already spoken up on this topic, now is the time. Please coordinate with the groups you represent to get their input and attend the calls to weigh in. As a reminder:

  *   If you can’t attend a call, please make sure an alternate is appointed to attend in your place.
  *   If an alternate can’t step in for you, please listen to the recording and provide input on the mailing list.
  *   If you frequently find yourself unable to attend calls and participate on list, please coordinate with your appointing group and decide together whether it might make sense for another person to serve as a member instead.

We are making great progress in this PDP, and we want to make sure that all points of view are included in the recommendations that are being drafted. Thanks for your commitment to this effort.

Kind regards,

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