[GNSO-TPR] Draft proposal re: exemption for Recs. 16 & 17

Owen Smigelski owen.smigelski at namecheap.com
Tue Dec 13 17:56:54 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Keiron, Zak, and I have a draft proposal regarding the post-create and post-transfer locks in Recommendations 16 and 17. We considered the desire to enhance security and provide a consistent experience across registrars, as well as the counter position that this can delay legitimate transfers and can be an unnecessary restriction on registrants. 

Our proposal is to add the option for registrars to opt out of the lock for “Established Customers”. This should reduce the chance of domains transferring to multiple registrars as part of hijacking, while allowing existing registrants to better manage their domains. A draft definition for “Established Customer” is:

An established customer is a registrant who has previously received continuing services from a registrar for a period of more than 30 days and has an established relationship with the registrar. This typically refers to a customer who has a history of regular interactions with the registrar and has demonstrated a willingness to continue receiving services from the registrar in the future.

We’re happy to discuss during our next call (including the amusing story of how we finalized this definition) or via the list. A big thanks to ICANN staff for organizing and facilitating our calls! 


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