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Tue Mar 22 07:30:01 UTC 2022

Dear TPR Work Group members,
The Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG) is the At-Large forum for discussing policy related issues and giving advice to the ICANN community.
At-Large is represented in the GNSO transfer Policy Review Policy Development Process (TPR-PDP) with 2 members, 2 alternates and 4 observers.
The At-Large TPR-PDP members continuously inform the CPWG members about the progress in the TPR-PDP working group and seek feedback and advice in essential questions given by the work in the TPR-PDP.
In order to get the CPWG input to questions connected to post-creation and post-transfer locks, an informal “poll” was held at the CPWG meeting on March 16, 2022.
In front of the meeting, information about the discussion and work done by the GNSO TPR-PDP were distributed to the CPWG members. The information also included the “poll questions”.
The “poll questions” were conducted based on the work done in the TRP-PDP. In addition, the “poll” included a question reflecting CPWG input to a mandatory policy for all Registry Operators.
The poll questions and the results
For the post-creation lock question

What lock period will be of preference:

  *   10 days post-creation lock: 31%
  *   30 days post-creation lock: 59%
  *   60 days post-creation lock: 7%
  *   Not sure: 0%
  *   Abstain: 3%
For the post-transfer lock question
What lock period will be of preference:

  *   10 days post-transfer lock: 41%
  *   30 days post-transfer lock: 45%
  *   60 days post-transfer lock: 7%
  *   Not sure: 3%
  *   Abstain: 3%
For the question regarding Registry Operator

  *   Same policy for all Registry Operator: 76%
  *   A Registry Operator MAY define a different transfer lock policy: 14%
  *   Not sure: 7%
  *   Abstain: 3%

Please note that the 30 days alternative is added to the poll to get more alternatives. The 30 days locks are not discussed as an alternative in the TRP-PDP WG.

The result may be seen as:

  *   CPWG is in the opinion that the present practice with a 60 day post-creation and post-transfer lock is too long.
  *   The poll may signal that there could be a different lock periode between the post-creations and the post-transfers.
  *   A significant number of CPWG members favors that the updated Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy should be the same for all Registry Operators. In our opinion, this makes it more user friendly by having a level playing field across all operators.

We emphasize the fact that the results of the poll and this feedback to the TRP-PDP is informal and may not reflect At-Large view when the PDP is up for vote to be finalized.

Steinar Grøtterød

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