[GNSO-TPR] Update from NCSG

farzaneh badii farzaneh.badii at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 16:58:59 UTC 2022


We have discussed some of the issues with NCSG, and here are some points
they raised:

1. Transfer fee: NCSG is asking whether there are recorded cases of
registrars charging for doing transfers and if we can find a few policies
that mention transfer fee.

2. Adding abuse: we are still discussing this but we wanted to ask whether
it is not at all possible to just provide a list of abusive conduct that
can lead to denial of transfer instead of mentioning fraud or abuse.

3. Identity: as much as possible we need to leave whatever mentions of
"identity" of domain name registrants in the transfer policy and come up
with alternative terms that can meet our objectives but do not require
identification of domain name registrant.

I am so sorry I have weekly schedule conflicts with the meetings of this
group but with Wisdom we catch up and be engaged.

Best regards,

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