[gtld-tech] [tmch-tech] Test SMDs files now available

James Mitchell james.mitchell at ausregistry.com.au
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We came across the same issue with the file InvalidSignature-TreatyStatute-Agent-Chinese-Active.smd. ICANN has published a new archive containing invalid SMDs, dated 23 July, which I believe addresses several issues with the 15 July SMDs. This new archive is available on ICANN's trademark clearinghouse website.

We did not test the file InvalidSignature-Court-Agent-French-Active.smd so cannot confirm whether your issue has been resolved.


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In my testing, I was able to successfully validate the active SMD's, successfully confirm the revoked certificate SMD's, and successfully confirm all the invalid SMD's except for two ( InvalidSignature-Court-Agent-French-Active.smd and InvalidSignature-TreatyStatute-Agent-Chinese-Active.smd) that incorrectly validate.  Has anyone else found this?



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Information about the recently published test SMDs files can be found in the following link:

The different parties involved in the TMCH project have developed test SMDs files in order to obtain feedback from the community and assist implementers of the SMD technology in testing their own implementations. These test SMDs files have been generated using the same models of HSMs (ICANN-TMCH-CA and TMV) that are going to be used in production. The code used to generate them is the latest version of the TMCH code developed by the different parties involved in the TMCH project. These test SMDs files should cover the different test cases and comply with http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-lozano-tmch-smd-02

We appreciate your feedback no later than July 23, please test them and send your feedback to the mailing list or to me privately. We understand that this is a short period of time and any bug found after this date will be corrected, but it is extremely helpful if you could send your feedback before this date.

Note: These test SMDs files include the TMV and CA certificate embedded in the XML, new test SMDs files are going to be generated soon in order to remove the CA certificate. The inclusion of the CA certificate in the SMD file should not have an impact on the tests performed with these SMDs files.

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