[gtld-tech] Bar BoF at IETF 88, anyone?

Alexander Mayrhofer alexander.mayrhofer at nic.at
Tue Nov 5 19:12:46 UTC 2013

> >Is anybody interesting in a bar BoF / lunch around (technical) new gTLD
> >topics? Please respond in PM with possible date/time, and i'd arrange
> something.
> I could do tomorrow or Friday.

[Alexander Mayrhofer] 
It looks more like towards end of the week, since most people are really busy until Wed.

> What were you thinking of talking about?

[Alexander Mayrhofer] 
I would be interested in hearing how others apply the launch phase extension to their sunrise phases - what labels are people using for their limited registration periods, for example.

Furthermore, i'd like to share/hear  experience about PDT / TMDB testing. 


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