[gtld-tech] Update to reserved names list for new gTLDs

Gould, James JGould at verisign.com
Thu Sep 19 15:36:12 UTC 2013


Good point.  My recommendation is to have a set of versioned authoritative
lists (e.g. ReservedNames-1.0.xml, ReservedName-1.1.xml,
ReservedNames-2.0.xml) of reserved names and associated meta-data,
available in a single place (e.g.
http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registries/reserved), in a single
consistent machine readable form (e.g. XML), based on what is defined in
Specification 5 of the Registry Agreement. Any changes to country names or
any other dependent source would result in a new version of the
authoritative list that is published to the site for use by the


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On 9/19/13 8:59 AM, "Jaap Akkerhuis" <jaap at NLnetLabs.nl> wrote:

>    This was a topic discussed by the New TLD Applicant Group and
>    Registry Stakeholder Group who all agree that we need this list
>    from ICANN.
>    ICANN - Please advise as to when you all can provide the
>    authoritative list that you will hold registries accountable to?
>    Any discretion left to the operators will be a disaster from a
>    compliance perspective and places an unfair and unrealistic burden
>    on the registries.
>And if you are asking this, you should also realise that the names of
>the countries do change over time [1]. The short names do change less
>then the long names but they do. You might want to ask ICANN how to
>deal with the changed information that as well.
>	jaap
>[1] See 

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