[gtld-tech] Specification 5 - Invalid names

Gavin Brown gavin.brown at centralnic.com
Thu Jan 16 15:49:14 UTC 2014

On 14/01/2014 17:13, Colosi, John wrote:
> These two names are in the S5.4.2.txt file:
> المملكة-المتحدة-لبريطانيا-العظمى-وآيرلندا-الشمالية
> соединенное-королевство-великобритании-и-северной-ирландии
> The resulting A-labels for these names are not valid in the DNS:
> xn--------lch4abbabcbafmcmf4d0bj3bg3f4c5a1a8y3aaefhfeceagqkzl0gzbxbdlm
> xn--------5veddhabeqmbbabeeb4cjbbabfcaznh0agq9bbaqifehdaegn7eolfhst1bm
> The A-labels are 70 characters long, and DNS requires a label to be no
> longer than 63 characters in length.  I suggest these two string be
> removed from the file.

I've commented out these strings.

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