[gtld-tech] [tmch-tech] RPM Requirement of Supporting Claims Service for Release or Allocation of Reserved Domain Names

Alexander Mayrhofer alexander.mayrhofer at nic.at
Fri Jun 20 10:31:20 UTC 2014

Elaine, all,

The easiest option is to verify against a small subset of the DNL Since the full DNL isn't checked, no claims will be presented after the mandatory 90 days for names that were available during that period.
Claims would only be presented on names that come off the reserved list and are also on the DNL list.
The "claims check" would be against a sub-list of the DNL list, instead of checking the entire list.
This works for reserved names and for NXD names when they become available.

[Alexander Mayrhofer]
That's exactly the way we will implement this. However, as we noticed recently, the TMCH *rejects* LORDN-entries for Claims once a registry moves beyond the "official" Claims Phase (as indicated on the ICANN startup schedule page). The TMCH responsds with an 4606 error ("TLD not in Sunrise or Claims").

That means that after the "official" 90-day Claims phase has ended for a TLD, the registry operator actually *can't* use the standard LORDN reporting process to submit domain names that required claims. Since i'm not aware of any other mechanism to report such Claims cases to the Clearinghouse, it seems to me that ICANN has created a requirement that doesn't seem to be implemented right now.

So, without  either: a) the TMCH accepting LORDN files *beyond* the standard claims phase (preferred, since it doesn't require *any* change on the registry/registrar side!) or b) ICANN/TMCH proposing a different solution for reporting of Claims associated with such "Late Claims" cases, i don't see how a registry could currently fulfil that requirement.

We'll continue to send the respective reporting LORDN files, even though the TMCH does reject them. At least we tried. However, i'm definitely interested to join other Registry Backend Operators during the ICANN meeting if there's a discussion about this.

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