[gtld-tech] Whois advisory feedback meeting @IETF91

rob.golding at astutium.com rob.golding at astutium.com
Wed Nov 26 06:53:17 UTC 2014

> The goal was to not create new requirements.

Good, all items in the advisory shoudl be tested against that statement.

> The new target date for enforcing the WHOIS Clarifications is March 31, 
> 2015 instead of February 12, 2015

Can we worry about a 'date' for enforcing things until long-after the 
advisories are actually corrected ?

> Question - Can we wait for RDAP?  RDAP will take time and we cannot 
> wait.

Why can WHOIS changes not wait for the (planned) replacement to whois ?
What's the 'driving force' behind the requirement to do yet more work on 
a (soon-to-be) defunct service ?

More specifically ... who benefits ?


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