[gtld-tech] Whois Clarifications confusion

rob.golding at astutium.com rob.golding at astutium.com
Wed Oct 15 06:34:21 UTC 2014

> Clarification 1. The fields which are explicitly listed are allowed to
> be blank if they have no data. But what of those fields not listed?
> Are those fields not allowed to be blank? It should be noted that the
> EPP RFCs have "voice" as an optional element, yet it is excluded from
> Clarification 1 as one of the fields allowed to be blank. It concerns
> me that a clarification document is trying to introduce new behaviour.
> If OPTIONAL elements are to become required, a public discussion
> should be had.

All fields are mandatory unless option, excluding those that can be 
blank, or errors in the specification ;)

Or in English
* optional fields - dont output the label & data if the data is not 
* fields explicity mentioned as allowed to be blank  - output the label 
but no data if the data is not provided
* everything else - output the label and the data

> Clarification 7. If IP addresses are provided for name servers
> Clarification 8. Hosts may be added without IP addresses.

For self-referencing domains (glue) output the label, IP and FQDNs 
otherwise just label and FQDN

> I echo Alexander's request that a complete specification, with no
> contradictions and no guesses, is required.

Yes, and that doenst contradict the *contract*


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