[gtld-tech] [eppext] [provreg] Publishing of the Change Poll EPP Extension IETF Draft

Patrick Mevzek Patrick.Mevzek at afnic.fr
Sat Apr 25 14:26:44 UTC 2015

Le jeudi 05 mars 2015 à 21:07 -0300, Rubens Kuhl a écrit :

> Has the use case of DNS publishing been considered for the changepoll
> extension ? Some registries defer publication of a domain to the
> registry zone until DNS servers respond correctly (authoritative,
> DNSKEY matches DS etc.), and a poll message could signal that to the
> sponsoring client. I couldn't find an appropriate operation in
> changepoll-02... what are your and the group's thoughts on this ? 

I agree that could be very useful, especially if the polling message can
carry some information on what tests have been done, which have failed,
and courses of action for the registrar (including info to know if the
failure is temporary or definitive).

However it could be using the operation name "update". But I would
recommend to define some kind of extensibility into the list of
operation names, making registry able to add some new ones.

When AFNIC did include a message for registrars after a DNS check in the
the past, here was how the polling message looked like :
<msgQ count="1" id="50001">
  <resZC type="plain-text">
ZONE : ndd-de-test-0001.fr.
NS    : ns1.nic.fr.
NS    : ns2.nic.fr.
NS    : ns.ndd-de-test-0001.fr. [, 2001:660:3005:1::1:1]


It was using at the time the pure text result of the Zonecheck tool.
Today, this tool has been replaced by ZoneMaster.

Patrick Mevzek

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