[gtld-tech] Verification of the ROID in PDT and upcoming Advisory

Francisco Arias francisco.arias at icann.org
Thu Aug 27 23:36:52 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

My coworkers at IANA asked me to remind you that:

To add your EPP Repository IDs to the IANA registry, please send the
following information to iana at iana.org. For formatting examples, see

Required Fields:

EPP Repository ID (using the format “FOO, #x0046 #x004F #x004F”):

Change Controller ID:
Change Controller Name:
Change Controller Email:

Reference/Contact ID:
Reference/Contact Name:
Reference/Contact Email

The Change Controller ID and Reference/Contact ID fields can be filled in
with a short string or a long name, as desired. Names and IDs can be



On 8/26/15, 6:06 PM, "Francisco Arias" <francisco.arias at icann.org> wrote:

>The Advisory has been published at
>On 8/20/15, 11:57 AM, "Francisco Arias" <francisco.arias at icann.org> wrote:
>>Dear Colleagues,
>>Thank you for your input. We intend to publish the final advisory next
>>Tuesday including the clarification requested by Rubens.
>>I’ll update you when the publication is done.
>>On 8/6/15, 4:59 PM, "Francisco Arias" <francisco.arias at icann.org> wrote:
>>>Dear Colleagues,
>>>As a follow up to the draft updated PDT specifications
>>>5-en) and the gTLD Registries Operational Workshop held in Buenos Aires,
>>>would like to let you know that ICANN is planning to release a
>>>verification of the ROID format as part of Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT).
>>>The ROID check would be done as part of both the EPP and Whois tests
>>>cases. The verification would check two things: 1) that the ROID is
>>>properly formatted as described in RFC 5730, per Specification 6 of the
>>>registry agreement; and 2) that the repository identifier used is
>>>registered with IANA
>>>This update will be implemented at the same time as the updates
>>>the RDDS (Whois) Advisory. We will implement warnings (no failures) in
>>>case of deviations starting on 2 November 2015, and strict enforcement
>>>will start on 31 January 2016.
>>>Finally, ICANN is planning to release in the next few weeks an advisory
>>>the considerations that registries should have when migrating ROIDs. I
>>>have attached a draft of the advisory and would appreciate any input you
>>>may have by 17 August.
>>>Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
>>>Francisco Arias
>>>Director, Technical Services
>>>Domain Name Services & Industry Engagement
>>>Global Domains Division

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