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a new IETF working group has been formed recently, named: lager (Label Generation Rules). Charter listed below FYI. This work has impact to any software that checks if domains (especially tlds and 2nd level) are valid for a registry, for various use cases: registration, domain check, etc… Valid not in the IDNA2008 sense, but the « file format » defines the restricted set of code points and related rules (variants for example) accepted by a registry.

since the wg was formed after the deadline to submit meeting requests for Prague, we do not have a formal meeting session. But Scott and I, co-chairs, would like to arrange some informal talks (Scott company will pay the lager…) to start the work.

Could anyone interested in attending that informal meeting send me+scott an email so we can doodle a meeting time during the Prague IETF week.

Regards, Marc.

Lager Charter ( http://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/lager/charter/)

Domain registries, particularly those implementing IDNA (RFC 5890
et.al), usually maintain a set of criteria (or "ruleset") that governs
permissible labels allowed for registration, such as [IANAIDNTABLES].
These rulesets are commonly a mixture of eligible code points along
with contextual criteria that must be met concerning the positioning of
certain code points. Some registries also specify rules regarding
variant labels and how they are to be handled. Domain registries
commonly need to share these rules, but there is no interoperable format
that can be used that can support many common use cases. This group
seeks to produce such a format, which will enable re-use and sharing of
existing rulesets, and simpler implementation of new rulesets in registries.

A comprehensive format specification has been developed, named Label
Generation Rules, primarily to support the rules to be used for the
DNS Root Zone [Davies]. This group will use this specification as a
starting point to develop a common XML language that provides a superset
of functionality of current specifications
[RFC 3743, RFC 4290, et.al], along with other known use cases. This
single format is expected to supersede existing formats, and form the
basis for future rulesets used at different levels of the DNS hierarchy.

Work items:
- Standard Track Specification of the Label Generation Rules

[Davies] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-davies-idntables/
[IANAIDNTABLES] https://www.iana.org/domains/idn-tables
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