[gtld-tech] [eppext] RDAP server of the registry

Marc Groeneweg Marc.Groeneweg at sidn.nl
Fri Oct 9 08:48:11 UTC 2015

Scott, etal.

>Here's one example: data privacy. WHOIS can't do it, but RDAP can, and it's not part of the profile. 
>Shouldn't it be part of the discussion? Why shouldn't we think about it before we perpetuate a 
>WHOIS issue that becomes an RDAP issue?
Agreed. And data privacy has given us sufficient discussion on the provreg mailinglist in the past :-)

>"Registry Operator shall implement a new standard supporting access to domain name registration data
> ... if ... its implementation is commercially reasonable in the context of the overall operation of the registry."
>How does one determine that which is "commercially reasonable"? We know that there are policy 
>development efforts happening in parallel that will produce additional implementation requirements.
> Requirements that conflict with the profile (changes in data privacy requirements, for example) will increase
> implementation costs, and "commercially reasonable" becomes a point of contention. The process I've 
>described should help mitigate that risk. It's not a higher standard, it's a method that can be used to help 
>confirm that the "commercially reasonable" requirement has been met.
I have found this a brilliant escape in not doing RDAP for gTLD's. All investments with respect to new gTLD's
can be considered not "commercially reasonable". Unless a strong business case evolves surrounding the
B2B model using RDAP as a stepping stone in new domain registrations. But alas, I am only technical inclined,
not commercially.


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