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Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
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> On Sep 6, 2015, at 10:12 PM, liangchenguang at zdns.cn <mailto:liangchenguang at zdns.cn> wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> A  shall be part of the ROID and the identifier shall be registered by IANA. 
> What dose the Controller Email and Reference/Contact Email mean?
> Change Controller Email and Reference/Contact Email
> Is the information below right?
> we want to ues "zdns" as our repository identifier for all our tlds.

Although it's not what ICANN prefers, I don't see many options for IDN TLDs... they would prefer the TLD itself due to the possibility a business transaction or a back-end change. 

Also, RFCs are not totally clear where RoIDs must be unique between domains and contacts, but just in case you could use ZDNHDL and ZDNSDOM, ZDNSHDL and ZDNS etc. 

> Change Controller ID: #x007A #x0064 #x006E #x0073

Change Controlled ID doesn't need to be expressed in this notation, although it could be ZDNS
> Change Controller Name:#x007A #x0064 #x006E #x0073
Same as above. 
> Reference/Contact ID:#x007A #x0064 #x006E #x0073

This could a person's name represented like Liang_Chen_Guang or a role name Back_End_Registry_Admin
> Reference/Contact Name:#x007A #x0064 #x006E #x0073

This could Liang Chen Guang, Back End Registry Admin
> Do we need to provide other information to prove our identity?

There is no such thing. Obama could use ZDNS as RoID unique suffix if he registers first... Argentinians might not like the AusRegistry registered AR, but sounds like a good suffix since AusRegistry contains more than 8 letters. Some registries clearly went for random IDs (Q9JYB4C, for instance). 


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