[gtld-tech] [technical-issues] Draft Call for Presentation TechDay Hyderabad ICANN57

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Aug 30 02:08:51 UTC 2016

In message <7da21916-51c2-8d90-f1ba-2c9319486246 at lisse.na>, Dr Eberhard W Lisse
>                          Call for Presentations
> 			        TechDay
> 			       at ICANN 57
> 			       in Hyderabad
> The ICANN Tech Working Group is again planning a technical workshop at
> the ICANN 57 meeting on 2016-11-05 in Hyderabad, India.
> The TechDay Workshop has been a part of ICANN meetings for several
> years and has provided a forum for both experienced and new people to
> meet, present and discuss technical topics related to registry and DNS
> work and security.
> For reference, the most recent session was held at the ICANN meeting
> in Helsinki, Finland 2016-06-27.
> We are specially interested in:
> 1.  Registration Information Accuracy
> We remain interested in presentations relating to
> registry contact data cleanup, address validation, malicious
> registration data verification, batch and/or real-time validation.
> We would like, in particular, to see solutions leveraging Open Source,
> Open Data or Open Research in order to make them available to a wider
> audience.
> 2. IDN
> We would like to hear about initiatives with regards to IDN.
> 3.  In addition, we welcome suggestions for additional topics, such
> as;
> * Registry services and systems
> * Big Data & associated data analysis
> * IETF DNS protocol updates
> * Registry security

While I won't be there DNS server protocol compliance (or the lack
there of) for servers being delegated to would be a useful discussion
topic.  Only ~60% of servers that nominally support EDNS pass EDNS
compliance checks.  The others either return a incorrect response
or don't respond at all.

Recursive servers are then forced to work around this brokeness to
be able to resolve queries and in some cases the brokeness results
in complete failure to get a answer.

There needs to be check and balances in the system and they were
there when the DNS was originally developed (RFC 1033 COMPLAINTS).
These seem to have been thrown out the window for the sake of the
almighty dollar and they need to be restored.

> If you are interested in participating, please email one or all of
> el at lisse.NA
> ondrej.filip at nic.cz
> jacques.latour at cira.ca
> kimberly.carlson at icann.org
> We hope that you can join us and request that you disseminate this
> Request to other lists where it might of of interest.
> el
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