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>>> The search page
>>> (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site:rdg.afilias.info) appears to
>>> be the result of crawling links from the first link that appears
>>> there (http://rdg.afilias.info/rdap/help). The help page contains
>>> links to search and lookup examples that return several objects with
>>> their directly-related objects, which are in turn shown in the
>>> search results. This could have happened in web-Whois if someone
>>> were to publish a page containing example queries.
>>It seems to me that having a robots.txt at the root of the RDAP server
>>would solve the problem (if you regard it as a problem).
>>User-agent: *
>>Disallow: /
>That will only work if a crawler reads robots.txt and respects the published directive(s). Not all do.

The nastier bots ignore the robots.txt directives .. 

As Scott and others have pointed out, unauthenticated access *is* a problem

Trying to draw parallels between current whois (web or otherwise) and RDAP might work with less technical types, but with this audience it simply won’t fly. 

RDAP’s entire “power” lies in the way that you can traverse the database in multiple ways

You cannot do that with “normal” whois and this is both a security and a privacy issue

Repeatedly telling us you don’t think it is doesn’t change the fact that it is



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