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Brian Mountford mountford at google.com
Fri Jul 22 17:45:48 UTC 2016


I have questions about sections 1.5.14, 1.5.16 and 2.8.2.
Profile Directive 1.5.14.

The domain object in the RDAP response MUST contain the following events:


   An event of eventAction type registration.

   An event of eventAction type expiration.

   An event of eventAction type last changed. The event of eventAction type
   last changed MUST be omitted if the domain name has not been updated since
   it was created.

   An event of eventAction type last update of RDAP database.

Is any particular ordering preferred in the results? Expiration will
probably be later than last changed and last update. Should it come before
or after the last changed and last update?

Profile Directive 1.5.16.

Entities MUST use jCard [RFC7095] structured addresses.

RFC 7095 defines two different types of structured address:  Structured Property Values

  The vCard specification defines properties with structured values,

  for example, "GENDER" or "ADR".  In vCard, a structured text value

  consists of one or multiple text components, delimited by the

  SEMICOLON character.  Its equivalent in jCard is a structured

  property value, which is an array containing one element for each

  text component, with empty/missing text components represented by

  zero-length strings.

  jCard Example:

  ["adr", {}, "text",


    "", "", "123 Main Street",

    "Any Town", "CA", "91921-1234", "U.S.A."



  Some vCard properties, for example, ADR, also allow a structured

  value element that itself has multiple values.  In this case, the

  element of the array describing the structured value is itself an

  array with one element for each of the component's multiple values.

  jCard Example:

  ["adr", {}, "text",


    "", "",

    ["My Street", "Left Side", "Second Shack"],

    "Hometown", "PA", "18252", "U.S.A."



Which form is to be used in RDAP responses? If it is the first version
(list of simple strings), what is to be done with addresses containing more
than two street address lines?

Profile Directive 2.8.2.

Registrar object lookup using an entity search on the fn element MUST be
RFC 7482 3.2.3. says:

XXXX is a search pattern representing the "FN" property of an entity (such
as a contact, registrant, or registrar) name as specified in Section 5.1 of

This is straightforward enough when referring to contacts and registrants,
but I am not sure how it applies to registrars. Our database stores
registrars, which have a name, and also registrar contacts, which hang off
registrars, and themselves also have names. Are you asking us to search by
registrar name (which we would prefer), or by registrar contact name?


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