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Wed Jun 29 15:55:59 UTC 2016


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Dear IRT members,

As discussed in our meeting earlier today, we have posted our revision of the Policy language for implementation of the Consistent Labeling and Display requirement on our wiki: https://community.icann.org/pages/editpage.action?pageId=52889541.

It is also attached to this email for your convenience.

Please note that the format of the policy, after our revision, is different from the draft we posted for public comments in December (https://www.icann.org/public-comments/rdds-output-2015-12-03-en). We believe this was necessary to address the feedback we received from the community and the IRT in terms of the linkage of the Policy with Specification 3 of the 2013 RRA and the Whois Clarifications Advisory. For instance, while the draft policy required "The labeling and display of all gTLD registries web-based RDDS output , must be consistent with: (a) Specification 3 of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA)”, the revised policy lists specific requirements such as “3. If shown, the "Registrar Registration Expiration Date" field MUST appear immediately after the "Registry Expiry Date" field."

Please also note that while the Policy has changed in format, it did not change in substance in order to address the community’s feedback we received in the public comment forum. Therefore, we believe this revision does not require further public comments and can be announced by 31 July 2016 for implementation with an effective date of 1 February 2017.

Please review this revised Policy language as soon as possible, ideally before Friday 8 July COB.

In the meantime, we will use the opportunity of our meeting in Helsinki tomorrow (http://sched.co/7Mdw) to present and discuss this revised policy language.

Thank you for your consideration

Best Regards
Fabien Betremieux
Sr. Registry Services & Engagement Manager
Global Domains Division, ICANN
US: +1 310 463 5334 | FR: +33 7 60 09 09 40 | Skype: fabien.betremieux

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