[gtld-tech] RDAP questions

Taras Heichenko tasic at hostmaster.ua
Thu Nov 9 16:23:39 UTC 2017

Hi all!
According to https://community.icann.org/display/RP/RDAP+Pilot this mailing list is used for RDAP pilot program. I work at .UA registry and we plan to implement RDAP. But during RFCs reading I got some questions. I wrote one question to another mailing list and had received some answers with possible solutions. But variants are questionable (I will show them after question) and may be anyone has better solutions.
1. Contact data of our registrants can be in ASCII encoding (international-int) and/or in UTF-8 encoding (local-loc). For local data the UTF-8 encoding is used but language of data is not defined. It is impossible to define language because EPP does not provide language definition mechanism. So when we show ENTITY we can not define strings language for local data according to vCard RFC. The question is: How should we present data in conformity with RFC?
To this question I received two answers:
1a. Do not define language at all. Just include multiply values without language definition. As for me this answer does not conflict with RFC but it is very inconvenient for user recognition and/or data processing (we do not think that JSON is the best format for data presentation for end user, isn't it?)
1b. The second advice is better (as for me). Int and loc data we can separate by ALTID property parameter. This allows at least differentiate data of different languages and encoding. Of course we just shift data representation to those who will process and present received JSON data. But all local data uses UTF-8 encoding and this should not cause any problem on web.
But may be anyone has better solution for this question?
2. The second question is also concerns of entity data presentation. According to legislation of our country private person may demand to hide private data. In this case registrator  in EPP request defines fields that must not be shown. Besides all it can be registrant's name. According to vCard RFC FN field is mandatory but according to our legislation sometimes I must not show this field. What should I do in this case? Do not show this entity at all? Or may be I should write "privacy protected" in FN field? Any ideas?

Best regards

Taras Heychenko
tasic at hostmaster.ua

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