[gtld-tech] New gtlds.json ICANN report available

Eduardo Alvarez eduardo.alvarez at icann.org
Wed Oct 18 20:58:35 UTC 2017

Dear Colleagues,

ICANN has published a new report in JSON format that you may find useful,
which lists all gTLDs and some of their characteristics, at:



Attached you may find the report's specification after incorporating the
feedback provided in the gtld-tech mailing list earlier. As indicated
before, the gtlds.json report lists all gTLDs that have signed a Registry
agreement with ICANN, including gTLDs removed from the root, and is expected
to be updated at least every 6 hours.

The existing new gTLDs CSV report, has also been relocated to the following



Please note that the old report location
(https://newgtlds.icann.org/newgtlds.csv) is still available, but it is
planned to be replaced with a HTTP 301 response in the following weeks in
order to redirect requests to the new report location. If you are using the
newgtlds.csv report please use the new report location.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Eduardo Alvarez

Technical Services Sr. Manager

Global Domains Division, ICANN

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