[gtld-tech] RDAP zoneSigned flag

Michael Bauland Michael.Bauland at knipp.de
Thu Mar 28 15:16:20 UTC 2019

Hi Scott,

On 28.03.2019 15:35, Hollenbeck, Scott wrote:
> Speaking as one of the authors of RFC 7483: delegationSigned is for the parent and zoneSigned is for the subject domain. If the parent has DS records, we know that the subject domain _should_ be signed. For what it's worth, neither of us authors feels that text is really clear.

Thanks for your answer. Let's take an example to make sure I understood
you correctly:

I'm the registry for .example. The zone test.example is registered and
the registrar provided DS records.

If someone now uses my RDAP server and inquires test.example, I return
delegationSigned = true, because I know that DS records for text.example
exist. So far so clear.

For zoneSigned I see two possibilities:
1. I also return zoneSigned=true, because I assume that test.example is
2. I don't publish zoneSigned, because I don't know for sure, whether
the zone is signed.

In Case 1 delegationSigned and zoneSigned will always have the same
value, so there's no real benefit in publishing both.

As a consequence, as a registry I would say I always ignore zoneSigned
and don't publish it.

The only real use case for zoneSigned is, if I am a registrar and also
run the DNS service for my customer. Only then do I know for sure
whether the zone is signed or not.



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