[gtld-tech] TechDay ICANN 67 Cancun has been cancelled

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Wed Feb 26 11:46:06 UTC 2020


as you will have heard by now the ICANN Meeting has been cancelled.

While I do not agree with the Board's decision, it is not irrational.

While ICANN does not actually have any responsibility towards (the
volunteer) participants, who can decide for themselves, the corporation
indeed does indeed have one to their staff.  From a professional
perspective I do not think, that it was necessary.

That said, and noting the the IETF meeting in Canada seems to go ahead,
the TechWg feels that while it would be an interesting exercise in
itself doing a Zoom Meeting with well over 100 participants in multiple
time zones, the format we use is not suitable for this, and therefor we
have decided to cancel the TechDay.

We will hold all presentations in abeyance which means all accepted
presenters have first dibs on the next meeting they attend.

I am particularly keen on Fellows presenting and fortunately all have
been re-accepted for ICANN 69 in Hamburg so the presenters will speak
then and there.

The KL meeting will be the shorter policy meeting, which means we'll
have less time and will be scheduled after the DNSSEC workshop, but we 
have us a few DNSSEC related presentations which I really hope we'll be 
able to transfer there. Of course as usual, regional offers will be 
considered and we always invite the host(s) for a presentation as well.

I for one will be having a shortened Spring Break (2020-03-06/10)
staying at the Canopy (by Hilton) and would be quite amenable to a
get-together of those who are coming anyway, on Monday, perhaps?

greetings, el

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