[gtld-tech] CZDS increasingly broken

John McCormac jmcc at hosterstats.com
Mon Apr 25 19:44:24 UTC 2022

On 25/04/2022 11:18, Matthias Pfeifer via gtld-tech wrote:
> Hi,
> we were  facing (real old school) problems since CZDS were introduced 
> and we know that this API is not rocket science. It's a real shame for 
> an ORG like ICANN (like other useless and bloated stuff (DAAR..)).
> And because I was tired of that my workaround was just to work with the 
> correct downloads and to ignore the other (keeping the old downloads as 
> "new"). That's not sexy but I am an optimis: time goes by and ICANN will 
> learn how to implement simple APIs and how to handle state issues when 
> using loadbalancer etc. :)
> They should also hire coders instead of lawyers (cus their APIs suck :)
> Rude words. No sorry.
> Best, Matthias
> On 25.04.22 00:16, John R Levine via gtld-tech wrote:
>> I reran the script which worked but with over 100 proxy errors, some 
>> of which took four retries before they finally worked.

Tried a single thread today. It worked with no timeouts or drops.

A similar lag problem (possibly a proxy issue) affects ICANN's 
Confluence software used for the working groups in that it can take over 
30 seconds for an edited page to reload.

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