[gtld-tech] CZDS renewal limbo for xn--kput3i since 2021-08-25

Joe Wein joewein at surbl.org
Fri Jan 21 03:18:52 UTC 2022

> My renewal request for access to xn--kput3i zone data has been
> unanswered (neither approved nor denied) since 2021-08-25. A
> complaint was filed a couple of weeks later, to no effect.


I've had better luck with the xn--kput3i zone in December, but had to file 
numerous complaints since 2018 to get renewal requests processed. I think 
this is really hit and miss. I am aware of three renewals on different 
accounts that successed on this TLD in November or December. From 2015-2017 
things had been going smoothly with them.

Meanwhile citadel and discover have been pending (unprocessed since 9 
December 2020). Besides filing repeated complaints (which now get 
auto-closed as duplicates as the original complaints were never processed or 
closed), I also contacted compliance at icann.org on the one year anniversary, 
but again got no traction whatsoever.

I also just filed complaints for 20 other domains pending since Christmas.


> Anyone else in the same boat?  What can be done to get this
> moving forward?
> (I've long given up on getting initial approval for .discover
> and .citadel, requested soon three years ago on 2019-01-29).
> -- 
> Viktor.
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