[gtld-tech] Purpose of this list?

Eduardo Alvarez eduardo.alvarez at icann.org
Wed Oct 5 19:29:32 UTC 2022

Hello Michele, Viktor, 


The purpose of the gtld-tech at icann.org mailing list remains the discussion of technical topics relevant to the gTLD community in general. While CZDS-related topics have surfaced recently, I would encourage the discussion of other gTLD-technical topics such as the ones you mention below.


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Eduardo Alvarez

GDS Technical Services



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why not 




Maxim Alzoba

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On Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 02:49:00PM +0000, Michele Neylon - Blacknight via gtld-tech wrote:

This list was originally for discussion of technologies related to
gTLDs.  But for the last few months it seems to have morphed into an
extension of the ICANN helpdesk with a focus on zone files and pretty
much nothing else.

There are a bunch of technical issues that we should probably be
discussing, like the sunsetting of whois, for example..

Or are people just going to continue using it to complain about CZDS

There was a separate list for CZDS whining, but it was closed, and we
were advised by ICANN to move the discussion here.  If the volume of
CZDS-related issues is a burden here (sorry about that if that's the
case), perhaps ICANN would be willing to reinstate a dedicated list.


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