[gtld-tech] Beilong Zhongwang

Joe Wein joewein at surbl.org
Thu Oct 20 06:59:36 UTC 2022

Has anyone else received an email in Chinese from an entity called Beilong 
Zhongwang in response to a recent CZDS application?

I received one with a link to a Chinese language web page.

According to a Google translate, they request information via e-mail over 
and above what I already supplied via the ICANN portal for all CZDS 

In there they say they will take six months to process zone file requests 
and they will reject them unless the extra information is supplied by email.

Google translate:
3.  Applicants need to send the following materials by email to 
wangzhi-czds at knet.cn:

(1)  Individual applicants need to provide materials:

a.  Personal identification materials

b.  Applicant's occupation (such as law enforcement officer, intellectual 
property lawyer, security researcher) and corresponding professional 

(2)  Organization applicants need to provide materials:

a.  The organization needs to use the organization's domain name suffix to 
send emails;

b.  Organizational identity certification materials;

c.  The name and position of the authorized agent;

d.  The official website of the organization;

e.  Introduction to the main business and products of the organization;

             (3)  Proof of the true use of the data must be provided;

(4)  A complete description of the measures taken by the applicant to 
prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure of data to any third party;

(5)  The applicant is required to provide the following statement: "I, [full 
name of user], as the applicant, certify that the information in this 
application is accurate; the applicant will access and use the data only for 
lawful purposes and in compliance with applicable All legal and regulatory 
requirements of Longzhong.com; the applicant will take all reasonable steps 
to prevent unauthorized access, use and disclosure of the data to any third 
party; the applicant will not access or use the data for any marketing 
activities; and the applicant will not Will access or use the data to send 
inquiries or data in bulk to Beilong, any registrar or any registrant's 

Individual applicants need to sign under the declaration document, and 
organization applicants need to affix the official seal under the 
declaration document or be signed by a person who can sign on behalf of the 
organization (a document proof that the signer can sign on behalf of the 
organization must be attached).

3.  Audit

After Beilong Zhongwang receives a new data application, it will review the 
submitted application according to the additional information provided in 
the email.

Beilong Zhongwang will verify all the information provided by the user, 
including but not limited to contacting the applicant by telephone, email or 

The review process for Beilong Zhongwang generally takes six (6) months.

4.  Rejection and Revocation

1. Beilong Zhongwang will reject the applicant's request, including but not 
limited to the following situations:

(1)  any request that does not meet the requirements of Article 2;

(2)  lack of sufficient information to properly identify and locate 

(3)  There is a lack of credible or sufficient detail about the applicant's 
intended use of the data to cause Beilong.com to believe that the applicant 
is likely to do any of the following:

a.  Access or use the data for unlawful or abusive purposes, or in violation 
of all applicable laws and regulations;

b.  Access, use, or allow the data to be accessed or used to harass, annoy, 
interrupt, disrupt or interfere with the normal business operations of any 
registrant (including Beilong Zhongwang);

c.  access, use, or allow the data to be used for any marketing purposes;

d.  Access or use the data in a way that threatens the stability and 
security of the Internet;

e.  Distribute data to any third party without the express prior written 
consent of Beilong.com;

f.  The data usage scenario is inconsistent with the purpose submitted at 
the time of application;

g.  Failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access, use 
or disclosure to any third party; or

h.  Use data in a manner that violates this Policy or the terms of the CZDS.

2.  Beilong.com may revoke the applicant 's right to use the data at any 
time for reasons such as non-compliance with the CZDS terms or any of the 
above terms , without separate notice .


This seems unreasonable, both the excessively long wait period and the 
additional requirements presumably not covered by the ICANN agreement.


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