[gtld-tech] Svelte CZDS zone files?

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Mon Sep 12 20:00:01 UTC 2022

It occurs to me that most CZDS users are interested primarily in the
collection of "ordinary" records present in the gTLD zone files, and
have no intention to e.g. operate secondary servers based on the
complete zone data.

In particular, the RRSIG and NSEC/NSEC3 records which can take up a
significant (perhaps dominant) fraction of the zone file size, may
be of little interest to most users.

I'd like to propose that ICANN make available a version of each gTLDs
zone file that elides the *derived* RRSIG, NSEC and NSEC3 records.
Doing this can save significant tranmission costs on the ICANN size, and
storage/processing costs on the CZDS user side.

If some users want the zone files, RRSIGs and all, those can continue to
be available.

[ Please DO NOT elide "DS" records, these are not "derived" data, signal
  which delations are signed, and typically do not take up nearly as much
  space as RRSIGs. ]


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