[gtld-tech] .gov TLD joins ICANN's CZDS system

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Jan 30 20:58:29 UTC 2023

It appears that Eduardo Alvarez via gtld-tech <eduardo.alvarez at icann.org> said:
>For those of you following CZDS, you may find it interesting that today the=
> ICANN org added the .gov TLD to the list of zone files available for reques=
>t in the CZDS system. It=E2=80=99s worth noting that the .gov TLD is different fro=
>m the rest currently in the system, in the sense that the registry operator =
>is not contractually required to provide access to their zone file, however =
>they are voluntarily doing so.

Cool.  I see they also auto-approve and auto-renew, too.  Why, it's almost like
the olden days.

Now if only you could get .VOTING and .DESI to do what their contracts
require. I see the total number that .VOTING has approved is 4, which
tells us they've been blowing off CZDS for years now.


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