[gtld-tech] NIS2 and impact on EPP

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With respect to the IETF, the regext working group is the place to bring up the topic:



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The requirements will be national not per registry

So as an Irish company we’ll be obliged to follow one set of rules and InterNetX will have to follow a different set.

Bear in mind most of the registries aren’t European, so I’m not even sure how they’re going to be viewing this

Related to this:


So I strongly suspect the EU has no idea what anyone is doing or is likely to do.

I’d also prefer that if there’s going to be any discussions around EPP changes / tweaks for this that they be pushed more towards IETF as this is going to have as much impact on ccTLDs (in fact more) than it will on gTLDs.




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Hello Michele,
I can't agree with you completely. Because it would be good to have some discussions in the community beforehand.

My fears are that now many registries are thinking about their processes and it would be good to work together here and create some guidelines.

From my point of view, we will probably have to deal with several models.

There will probably be registry validated or registrar validated models, with all their different forms.

Of course the legislation will not be the same everywhere and there will be different requirements per registry.

But it would be useful if registries and registrars agree on a set of rules.

Some that come to my mind ad hoc
- Visibility in public services (WHOIS/RDAP)
- Billing process:
  - Directly billed and then on HOLD until verification.
  - Billing only after successful verification
- Handling of documents, if any are needed only the validator should request them.
- Handling of registrant changes and transfers.


Am 30.01.23 um 23:33 schrieb Michele Neylon - Blacknight:

   I’d like to see the actual national legislation before jumping to assumptions

   Also as it’s not going to be 100% uniform legislation and there could easily be differences between member states I can see it being quite complex

   Mr Michele Neylon
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      Hi all,

      I wanted to ask if anyone has thought about the impact of NIS2 on EPP,
      Especially  the validation of domain holder?

      There are many issues here regarding protocol and processes.

      How are certain checks of owner data represented in EPP/RDAP/Whois.

      Maybe we can work out some kind of best practice for the registries and
      registrars here.

      What is your opinion ?


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