[gtld-tech] xn--czru2d CZDS credentialing requirements?

Viktor Dukhovni ietf-dane at dukhovni.org
Fri May 12 03:53:11 UTC 2023

Dear gtld-tech,

Is the RO operator of "xn--czru2d" compliant with obligations to provide
CZDS access, in relation to the newly posted credentialing requirements?

    From: mall-czds <mall-czds at nic.wang>
    Date: Fri, 12 May 2023 10:41:09 +0800 (GMT+08:00)
    Subject: About Your CZDS Application for xn-- czru2d Zone Files
    To: ietf-dane at dukhovni.org

    receiver      Dear applicant,
    comtent       Your application is reviewed, please visit
                  http://en.shangcheng.wang/notice.html to meet the
                  “Credentialing Requirements for CZDS applicant to
                  access the xn-- czru2d Zone Files”.  Please be noted
                  that if we do not get your email of the said
                  credentialing requirements in 7 days, we will have to
                  deny your access application via the CZDS. Once your
                  credentialing requirements is considered completed, we
                  will study carefully and then make the decision via
                  the CZDS in 45 days.
     greetings    Regards,
     Sender       xn--czru2d Team  

The referenced web page further elaborates:

   Credentialing Requirements for CZDS applicant to access the
   xn--czru2d Zone Files

    1. Introduction

       Zodiac Aquarius Limited (the "Registrar"), according to the
       relevant clauses in section 2 of specification 4 of the ".Mall"
       domain name RA agreement signed with ICANN, for individuals or
       organizations ("applicants") who apply for access to zone files,
       during the verification process, This Supplementary Policy
       ("Policy") is formulated to add necessary material review to
       ensure that zone files are not misused.

    2. Application materials

       Applicants should send the following materials to
       mall-czds at nic.wang within 7 days of receiving the email
       notification from the registration office:

       1). The title of the email must be the username of the account used
           by the applicant when applying in CZDS

       2). The applicant is an organization and needs to provide:

           (1) Certificate of Organizational Continuity (CCR) issued within 180 days;

           (2) Organizational authorization documents containing
               information such as the name and position of the person in

           (3) The website of the organization;

           (4) Brief introduction of the organization (emphasis is provided
               on the part related to the domain name);

           (5) Instructions for preventing zone files from being misused;

           (6) Commitment to protect zone files from misuse.

       3). The applicant is an individual and needs to provide:

           (1) Personal ID card;

           (2) A personal water/electricity/gas bill within 180 days

           (3) Personal profile (focus on providing domain name related parts)

           (4) Instructions for preventing zone files from being misused;

           (5) A letter of commitment to protect the zone file from being abused;

    3. Review

       If the applicant fails to send the materials by email within 7
       days after receiving the email notification from the registration
       office, the registration office will reject it in the CZDS

       After receiving the applicant's material email, the registration
       office will complete the review of the completeness of the
       material within 15 days. If the material is complete, it will
       make a decision of approval or disapproval within 45 days. If you
       agree, it will be approved in the CZDS system, and if you
       disagree, it will be rejected in the CZDS system.

    4. About this policy
       The Registry has the right to modify this policy without prior
       notice in accordance with national or ICANN legal policy
       adjustments and other reasons.

    This Policy and the "CZDS Terms" have the same purpose and should be
    read and interpreted as a document.

    Zodiac Aquarius Limited
    November 24, 2022


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