[gtld-tech] Zodiac Registry: "access request for .xn--czru2d has been denied"

Joe Wein joewein at surbl.org
Tue May 16 01:57:28 UTC 2023

>> If your Mandarin is as non-existent as mine, they're basically asking
>> for official documents on the level of trying to open a corporate bank
>> account at a bank.
>> Of course I had submitted all the information required by the CZDS
>> application process through the ICANN website. Two weeks later they
>> denied my application, with this "explanation":
>> "the CZDA Provider may reject the request for access of any user that
>> does not satisfy the credentialing requirements in Section 2.1.2..."
> Same here. We've filed complaints on this, let's see how it turns out.

After having all applications rejected by Zodiac for the past 6 months and 
ICANN letting them get away with it, Zodiac finally granted access!

We drew their attention to two facts:

1) They are asking about the name of the person in charge, who in this case 
happens to be a citizen of the EU, hence GDPR applies. So we asked a couple 
of GDPR-related questions....

2) There's no specific document called "Certificate of Organizational 
Continuity (CCR)" in our jurisdiction.

But this should not be necessary. The extra steps they are asking for would 
not scale to 1100 TLDs in CZDS. All of us already submit all the necessary 
credentialling information and agreements in our ICANN accounts.


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