[Internal-cg] US Government Accountability Office (GAO) interviews

Lynn St.Amour Lynn at lstamour.org
Tue Dec 2 12:03:33 UTC 2014

From:  http://domainnewsafrica.com/the-iana-oversight-transition-watch-more-voices-against-a-rushed-process-not-yet-independence-icann/

Evidently, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been asked to interview key people in Washington DC over the IANA transition – and "the results are likely to form the basis for a number of hearings in the new year. This is understood to be an audit process, an act that has been missing in the transition discussions. The Audit is likey to result in very serious questions that could likely delay the ICANN independence."

What about the ICG preparing a written response to some of these questions as it would be a good opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings about the IANA functions, and at the same time serve as a more useful reference than this likely very biased "audit".

On a related point, I think the ICG needs some budget and PR-like resources in order to allow us to get some instructive communications out (being proactive) or at a minimum to respond  to inaccurate reports, and of course not just from the US, so the requirement will be pretty heavy.

I think this is critical for the success of the transition, and believe we need to do more to "get out there".  In the end, hopefully not only will the IANA transition effort be well served, but so will the broader IG model and so many of the other principles we all believe so strongly in - multi-stakeholder, bottom-up, etc.



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