[Internal-cg] Session(s) in Singapore

Jari Arkko jari.arkko at piuha.net
Tue Dec 16 00:38:22 UTC 2014


> My suggestion is to have a session in Singapore where we offer time for the various operational communities

yes, we need this

> that have or will send input to us to explain what they have done (so far).

I think that is necessary, but I would go right ahead and have open community discussion on the things that I think are relevant for moving forward after Singapore, which I think include also things like overlaps, missing pieces, and compatibility of the different proposals (where they need to be compatible). And general feedback from the community. In other words, lets not have only a status discussion but a discussion of the substance. (Obviously the substance is of course topic that is not merely a matter of the ICANN meeting participants, but also the communities that these proposals came from as well as others; but it would be good to understand what issues ICANN participants believe we have and see if we can either clarify those during the meeting or identify as something that may need further work.)

> The session would be 3x30 min (15 min presentation plus 15 min Q&A) plus 30 min for over all Q&A. I.e. 120 min.

I’m in the 3x45 camp. Lets take the time we probably will need. This is IMO the most important thing on the ICANN agenda, so lets devote time and energy to it.


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