[Internal-cg] Publication of proposal finalization process

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Thu Dec 18 09:19:18 UTC 2014

Thanks Joseph and Milton for your responses and Alissa for also
addressing my last 2 comments .. I agree to all your edits (I guess it
was a wrong email attachment but I checked Dropbox).. I also agree to
publishing the updated timeline together with the proposal finalization
process .. I think ultimately we should also make sure the FAQ links to
the updated version .. 

Regarding the testing, I have to admit that I'm a bit unclear now on
what we're trying to convey/request .. A yes/no/optional answers to the
below may help ..

- Are we requesting tests/stress tests to be carried out for all
submitted proposals?
- Are we requesting documentation of such tests, how they were carried
out and their results?
- Are we requesting that those tests be put in action and continue to be
effective till July and beyond?
- Will we be re-checking on the results of those tests again in July?

I think what confuses me is that we've agreed to delete this from the
"Consideration of how the proposal documented the stress tests or
scenario analysis that they were subjected to and whether those results
when considered in combination create any possible concerns", because,
and I stand to be corrected, that this was not explicitly requested from
the operational communities, which, to me, seems to be a bit conflicting
with what we're asking for in step 4 of the timeline ..

Hope I was able to clarify my point and happy to be convinced that there
is no issue here and that both documents are in synch :) ..

Kind Regards

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Thanks, Manal. Indeed ever since the inaccuracy in step 7 was pointed
out I have been thinking that we needed to revise the timeline. I think
it would make sense to update the timeline language and publish it
together with the proposal finalization process.

I've attached an edited timeline
x?dl=0> that addresses your points 2 and 3 below and makes some
editorial fixes. I'm not sure that I agree about your point 1 - or
perhaps I just don't know how to address it. I think the March-July time
frame is when communities should be testing their arrangements, if they
feel specific testing is warranted. Do you have a suggested edit for
Step 4?

Do others have comments on this? Could we try to wrap up the timeline
document at the same time as the proposal finalization process (i.e.,
Monday) since the edits are minimal and at least the one I've proposed
for step 7 takes language directly from the proposal finalization


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