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Thank you Mr. Arasteh ..

It’s been a very hectic time and I could not pay due attention to the ongoing discussions ..

Hope to get back to you shortly on this ..

Kind Regards



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Dear Manal,

Thanks again for your hard work

I think ,in order to enable the community to duly react, we need to release this FAQ as soon as possible

By the way, for the issue of ICANN accountability and the activities' of CCWG, I did send a message to the GAC chair and GAC Members and asked every body to duly react on this very important matter.

I am copy the message to all ICG in order to receive comments from them as soon as possible to enable me to pursue the matter.

Here is the message 


Some principles to be observed in addressing the Accountability issues either on a global aspect relating to ICANN accountability or, a limited sphere ,relating to the  transition of IANA stewardship 


What is the accountability?’

The state of being accountable <http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/accountable> , liable, or answerable

What does it meant to be accountable? 

To be subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something;  responsible; answerable. 

Accountability implies that a person or an executive entity to be accountable to someone else or to an entity of real /actual or of legal nature?

In a democratic governing system, the executive power, the government in an individual or in a collective/collegial manner is accountable to the public in an indirect manner. Such accountability is ensured to be properly functioned  so that the  executive entity ( government, individually and collectively is accountable to the legislative entity which is representative of the public due to the fact that they have been democratically elected by the public .

Now coming to the accountability oif ICANN .

To whom or to which entity ICANN is and should be accountable

The answer was given by ICANN management was that ICANN would be accountable to Global Multistakehoder Community.

Now the question arises is who represent that Global Multistakehoder Community.?
Is there any formal representation of the Global Multistakehoder Community.to which the ICANN would be accountable?

If yes 

Who these representatives are?

Who elect them?

How they are elected?

In analogy with the example of executive and legislative powers given above, ICANN should be accountable to the democratically elected representatives of the Global Mulktistakeholder Community.

There should therefore a a workable mechanism to implement such legal and formal representation from the Global Mulktistakeholder Community.

Taking into account that based on the discussions currently being followed and the consensus being emerged, the Global Mulktistakeholder Community is  composed of four following categories


Private Sector,

Civil Society and ,

Technical Community and Academic ( not Academia)

Consequently, the entity to which ICANN should be accountable needs to have representatives of these four categories of  Global Mulktistakeholder Community with equal footing in legal and operational functions terms 

NetMundial was an example of such composition in which the members of the Executive Global Community were selected ( in future should be elected ) from these four categories .In fact the above-mentioned Executive Committee had 24 members composed of 12 from Governments , three from Civil Society, three from Private Sector   three from technical Community and three from academia ( in fact the correct appellation is Academic )

The above-mentioned composition representing Global Multistakeholder Community did work well and produced positive results.

However, the composition and the elkection procedure could be further explored and improved.

It is worth to mention that ,currently, ICANN Board performs that accountability
However, NTIA currently perform some sort of over sighting.

It is to be noted that ICANN Board Members are nominated by NOMCOM without being democratically being elected .In fact the ICANN Board’s Members are elected by no one and are accountable to no one.

If this crucial and fundamental issue is not duly addressed ,the whole issue of accountability is totally confusing and make the situation worse than today

Why worse?

Because today, at least, NTIA ,is being held responsible in an overall manner. However, after the transition of the INANA Stewardship Function to a non-defined and non-executable Global Multitystakehoder Community, no one could be held responsible

This is the real dilemma.





2014-11-25 10:13 GMT+01:00 Manal Ismail <manal at tra.gov.eg>:

Dear All ..


I have paused our FAQ discussions based on what Alissa suggested, in her email dated 27 October, 2014: 

"I think beyond the FAQ text (and probably before we add the new text to the FAQ web site), the main thing we need to agree on as the ICG is the full list of what our plans, requirements, and expectations are vis a vis the proposal submission process." 


Yet, before we lose track, I'm attaching (also on Dropbox) a version, dated 24Nov14, which I hope accurately reflects all previous discussions .. I suggest that, as we have agreed that the FAQ is going to be a living document, that we do not delay its posting pending finalization of discussions on all questions .. As a living document, it's hard to have a complete perfect version all the time .. Additionally, the FAQ has to provide timely information and some questions are more urgent than others .. So my suggestion is that, as we continue discussion on the Board role, if the current answer is still unsatisfactory to some, we can proceed with other updates such as Q#19 on whether the target deadline has been delayed, and Q#22 on the relationship between the ICG work and the ICANN accountability process ..


If acceptable, I would hence suggest that ICG members skim through the track changes and identify any questions were there are still concerns or uncompleted discussions .. We can then halt updates concerning those specific questions and proceed with the rest .. 

I think we should also have some way to highlight new or modified questions as well as the date of last update, on the online version ..


How does this sound?

Looking forward to receiving your views and any other suggestions for better ways forward ..


Kind Regards


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