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Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Mon Sep 1 21:24:12 UTC 2014

I will be giving 3 minutes of remarks from the floor during the IGF
orientation session on Tuesday to talk about the ICG. I’ve attached and
pasted below roughly what I plan to say — based off of Joe’s slides, all of
our documents, and the NTIA announcement. (Some of it is contingent on the
portal link going live and the RFP getting posted, so it may change).

So as to give people a simple URL that they can remember to find our work, I
bought ianacg.org (on personal title) tonight. I’m working on getting it
re-directed it to <https://www.icann.org/en/stewardship/coordination-group>.


ICG Update at IGF
September 2, 2014
Since 1998, the US National Telecommunications & Information Administration
(NTIA) has contracted with ICANN to perform key administrative Internet
functions. Earlier this year, the United States government announced its
intention to transition the stewardship of these functions, known as the
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or “IANA” functions, to the global
multistakeholder community. The US government asked ICANN to convene global
stakeholders to develop a transition proposal.
ICANN, in turn, initiated the creation of the IANA Stewardship Transition
Coordination Group (ICG). The ICG consists of 30 members and 2 liaisons
appointed by a variety of constituencies, including Internet users,
businesses, and the operational communities related to domain names,
numbering resources such as IP addresses, and parameters used by Internet
protocols. I am the chair of the ICG and nearly all ICG members are present
in Istanbul this week.
The ICG’s mandate is to deliver a proposal for the IANA stewardship
transition to NTIA. The group’s charter outlines the process of proposal
development. The ICG will solicit proposals from the operational communities
concerning their respective functions. The coordination group has published
a draft Request for Proposals that can be used for this purpose.
The RFP requests that the operational communities consult broadly with all
interested parties, and the ICG expects all interested parties to get
involved as early as possible in these community processes. For example, the
Regional Internet Registries are already convening processes to develop a
proposal concerning numbering resources; a cross-community working group is
being established to discuss proposals for domain names; and the Internet
Engineering Task Force is creating a working group to develop a protocol
parameters proposal. These community processes are where the bulk of
proposal development will occur. If you want to participate, these community
processes are open to you.
The ICG is further chartered to solicit input from stakeholders broadly, to
assess the compatibility of the proposal components that result from the
operational community processes, to serve as a central clearinghouse for
public information about the IANA stewardship transition, and to assemble
and submit the final proposal to NTIA. The target deadline for the ICG to
receive proposals from the operational communities is December 31, after
which the group will move on to assess, assemble, and seek public comment on
the complete proposal before submitting the final version to NTIA. The
current contract between NTIA and ICANN expires on September 30, 2015.
If you want to learn more about the ICG, the IANA stewardship transition, or
how you can get involved, please visit ianacg.org or come talk to me or any
of the other ICG members – the full membership list is on the web site.
Thank you.

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