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Alissa, I had no idea you would not be here for the meeting. I saw you here in Istanbul earlier.
A concern: as chair of this largish group you should never presume that communications among the people you are in closer daily contact with magically filter out to the rest of us. Indeed, those kinds of assumptions can disempower committee members who are not part of the same community.

So the question is, who will chair the meeting? Presumably you have worked something out with Patrik and Mohamed.

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I think most people know this, but since I’ve gotten a couple questions, I wanted to re-iterate that I will not be able to attend the meeting tomorrow in person. I have a personal engagement in the US tomorrow and my travel back was scheduled before the ICG scheduled its meeting. I will try to attend the second half of the meeting remotely but I’m not sure if I will have phone or Internet connectivity. I believe there are a few other ICG members who will be joining remotely as well.

Best wishes for a productive meeting,
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