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I’m having here a basic questionmark.

What can be done at such a meeting different from exchanging status information? This lies in the remit of the reps of the various communities.

The GAC is one of the “communities” being represented on the ICG – on equal footing like 12 other communities.
If there are GAC-specific questions or questions related to other communities these questions should be filed in advance to a potential meeting. I wouldn’t like to see communities being treated in different way.

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Dear colleagues, 

in a conversation earlier this week, Alissa and I suggested that the ICG might meet with the GAC at the ICANN LA meeting.  The purpose would be general engagement/exchange of progress/discuss concerns, etc.   The agenda would be determined at a later point, but if we are to meet with them we need to reserve a slot.  

We received the following note from them and would like to gauge the ICG's interest in meeting, and to know whether Wednesday would work as a possible time?


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  Subject: Possible ICG-GAC meeting in Los Angeles

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  Hello Lynn 

  Heather Dryden has asked me to contact you concerning a possible meeting between GAC and the ICG in Los Angeles.

  Do you have an idea of how long you think is needed?

  While the GAC agenda is not yet finalised, there will be a session on IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability on the Sunday from 1030 to 1230 that would probably be the best fit. However, I understand that not all ICG members may be in Los Angeles so early in the ICANN meeting. Late Wednesday morning is another possibility. Please let me know if any times (not just the ones I have suggested) are particularly good or problematic for you. 

  You asked for a list of current GAC members. This can be found on the GAC website at https://gacweb.icann.org/display/gacweb/GAC+Representatives


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