[Internal-cg] Possible ICG-GAC meeting in Los Angeles

Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
Sat Sep 6 09:10:34 UTC 2014

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> > Since then we've brought the draft RFP into our community, and the
> > community is now busy working on an actual proposal.
> > The first draft of that proposal is out. I think the IETF's questions
> > about this topic are more in the proposal itself, and something we can
> > work on ourselves, and at
> I have a bit of a problem with this, sorry to say. While I think it's fine that
> people in IETF are developing ideas for proposals, the RFP makes  it clear
> that the process in each operational community is supposed to be open and
> transparent, and include other interested and affected parties. I think it
> would be a travesty if we release the RFP and the IETF announces 5 days
> later that they are finished.

[Narelle Clark] 
Then let us urge the IETF to ensure their processes include the prospect of future alignment/realignment with the views and outputs of other communities.
> Even if this is presented as a "Draft," any different ideas coming from the
> outside would be dealing with what is in effect a sealed process, in which
> changes would not be welcome or even seriously considered. The IETF
> needs to convene a publicly announced, open process based on the RFP
> that we are developing.

[Narelle Clark] 
There is also the perspective that should the IETF produce a substantial document that deals with all the substantive issues and represents a practical, helpful view of the future, then other communities may have an extremely useful basis from which to work.

If the IETF can produce what is effectively a comprehensive template then I suspect the other communities will be overjoyed.

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