[Internal-cg] Draft minutes of 19 and 26 August teleconferences

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Thu Sep 11 21:43:16 UTC 2014

Thank you, Samantha.

I’d like to call for the approval of these minutes during the
to-be-scheduled September 17 teleconference, so ICG members should take a
look at them prior to the call if they so desire.

On the question of action items: I think it would be preferable if we
actually were to note action items (and decisions) as we went along, and
if Samantha could send a compilation just of those items to the mailing
list directly after each call and meeting. Samantha, if we make an effort
to specifically note action items and decisions during our discussions, is
this something that you think you could support?


On 9/6/14, 1:36 AM, "Samantha Dickinson" <samantha at linguasynaptica.com>

>Hello all
>Apologies for the delay in getting the draft minutes through.
>Because there weren't folders in Dropbox for the specific
>teleconference dates, I've created a new folder called "Minutes" and
>placed the draft minutes there. The link is:
>Please note that I have not yet extracted action items from the 19
>August 2014 teleconference. I notice that as a group, there doesn't
>seem to be much interest in following a more structured model of
>specifically noting action items as the meeting is underway and
>reviewing open action items at the beginning of the following meeting.
>Instead, the ICG agendas tends too follow the larger issues that are
>detailed in the more specific action items I've been extracting. ICG
>members therefore may wish to request that the minutes no longer
>attempt to extract action items from the general discussion.
>Samantha Dickinson
>Internet governance consultant & writer
>Lingua Synaptica
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