[Internal-cg] Draft minutes of 19 and 26 August teleconferences

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Fri Sep 12 19:09:18 UTC 2014

Thanks. Perhaps we can get a volunteer on the call to note the action
items/decisions and send them out immediately afterward, but if not the
timeshiftimg sounds like a good option.


On 9/12/14, 10:32 AM, "Samantha Dickinson" <samantha at linguasynaptica.com>

>Hi Alissa
>Regarding the action items and decisions, your proposal sounds ideal.
>I should note that I may in the air during the ICG's 17 September
>teleconference (I have long, non-direct route back to Brisbane from
>London via Istanbul), so if you are after live minuting, I may not be
>able to support that call. I will be back in Australia, though, before
>the end of that day (UTC), so could timeshift minuting from the audio
>file if needed.
>On 12 September 2014 07:43, Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:
>> Thank you, Samantha.
>> I’d like to call for the approval of these minutes during the
>> to-be-scheduled September 17 teleconference, so ICG members should take
>> look at them prior to the call if they so desire.
>> On the question of action items: I think it would be preferable if we
>> actually were to note action items (and decisions) as we went along, and
>> if Samantha could send a compilation just of those items to the mailing
>> list directly after each call and meeting. Samantha, if we make an
>> to specifically note action items and decisions during our discussions,
>> this something that you think you could support?
>> Thanks,
>> Alissa
>> On 9/6/14, 1:36 AM, "Samantha Dickinson" <samantha at linguasynaptica.com>
>> wrote:
>>>Hello all
>>>Apologies for the delay in getting the draft minutes through.
>>>Because there weren't folders in Dropbox for the specific
>>>teleconference dates, I've created a new folder called "Minutes" and
>>>placed the draft minutes there. The link is:
>>>Please note that I have not yet extracted action items from the 19
>>>August 2014 teleconference. I notice that as a group, there doesn't
>>>seem to be much interest in following a more structured model of
>>>specifically noting action items as the meeting is underway and
>>>reviewing open action items at the beginning of the following meeting.
>>>Instead, the ICG agendas tends too follow the larger issues that are
>>>detailed in the more specific action items I've been extracting. ICG
>>>members therefore may wish to request that the minutes no longer
>>>attempt to extract action items from the general discussion.
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